What Is Endometriosis?



Is excision of endometriosis necessary to treat pain?

Nodules, cul-de-sac disease, endometriomas, & pain

Can extensive endometriosis be adequately treated at laparotomy?

Minimally Invasive Treatment Options


Laparoscopic Excision of Deep Fibrotic Endometriosis of the Cul-de-Sac and Rectum

Treatment Options

Treatment depends on the age of the patient, the extent of disease, severity of symptoms, and the desire for fertility. Intervention usually is indicated for pain, infertility, or impaired function of the bladder, ureter or intestine. Medical and surgical management are available.

While there is no cure for endometriosis (other than menopause), more treatments are now available and we have greater success in reversing infertility that's caused by endometriosis.

A medical history, physical and pelvic exams are important parts of the diagnostic process. Ultrasound can also be revealing. Should the findings strengthen the suspicion of endometriosis, the diagnosis is then confirmed via laparasopic surgery. This allows the doctor to actually see inside the abdominal cavity and look for patches of endometrial tissue.